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Below is a list of the dogs that are full and half siblings to GBCH Poolstead Pin Up Of Fabracken . This may not be a complete list, because HUNTINGLABPEDIGREE database is based on the information users enter.
FULL Siblings of GBCH Poolstead Pin Up Of Fabracken
CH Poolstead Pin-Up Of Frabracken
GB CH Poolsted Pin-up Of Fabracken

HALF Siblings by sire
GB CH Sandylands Mark
CH Bradking Bonny My Girl
CH Sandylands Morningcloud
CH Allegheny Bezique
CH Allegheny's Bezique
ENG SH CH Ardmargha Mad Hatter
Eng. Ch Ardmargha Mad Matter
Ardmargha Merry Minx
Ardmargha My Favourite Of Lasgarn
Ardmargha Sandylands Mirth
CH Ballyduff Marilla
AM ENG CH Ballyduff Marketeer
Ballyduff Marksman
Ballyduff Maroon
GBCH Ballyduff Marshal
GBCH Ballyduff Marshall
CH Ballyduff Morella
INT CH Baronor Phoenix
NORD UCH INT UCH Baronor Phoenix
NO UCH CH Biroschas Rough
CH Biroshas Rough
ENG CH Bradking Bonnie My Girl
SHCH Brentchase Kimvalley Rosanna
Bronzedale Brigand Of Frant
Bryndafydd Atlas
Candlemas Blythe Spirit
CAN CH. Castlemore Bramble
CAN CH. Castlemore Pride
Charway Simona
Cilla's Sally Of Arodsel
Claytonholt Tamosan
INT CH Curnafane Flicka
Darnreb Solomon
Follytower Meg
Friarsgarth Martell
Friarsgarth Miss Bolero Of Loxdale
CCW Friarsgarth Miss Muffet Of Balrion
GB CH Groucho Of Mansergh
Heatherborne Moira
Heatherbourne Merrymaker
Heatherbourne Moira
Heatheredge Barathea
Jayncourt Cleopatra
Jayncourt Lucky Charmer
Jayncourt Sentimental Sue
Jayncourt Star Trip
Jayncourt Stormer
Jomaree Jons Blossom of Greenworth
NORD UCH Kamrats Angel
Kamrats Gwenny
SE UCH FI UCH INT UCH Kamrats Jeanny
GB ShCh Keithray Marcus
Keithray Marianne
Keithray Merietta
CH Keysun Teko Of Blondella
SH CH GB Kimvalley Picklewitch
Knavery Mistress Meg
GB SH CH Lasgarn Ludovic
Lawnwood's Starglow
Lawnwood's Tamstar Trinket
Lenches Sequin
Libreen Lark TAF
Longley Morning Light
Maestro Of Suddie
OFA Hips: OFA24
CH Mansergh Antonia
Mardas Mark Away
Merrydonna Of Sussex
Minivet Of Suddie
Morella Of Suddie
Murmoch Malteaser
Murmoch Malteser
Uk Sh Ch Newinn Harmony Of Peradon
Nutgrove Doublet
Othamcourt Peregrine
Pepperstock Redpoll
Philipstown Gay Duke
CH Poolstead Polyphoto Of Newinn
Poolstead Postal Service
GB Sh Ch Poolstead Postal Vote
GB CH Poolstead Purdey
AM CAN CH Powhatan Black Badger CDX
Powhatan Black Moth
AM CH Powhattan Black Badger
Roydwood Reveller
CH Sandlylands Mercy
CH Sandyland's Make Do
Eng Sh Ch Sandyland's Newinn Columbus
SE UCH FI UCH SE JCH Sandylands Mamba
Sandylands Marcus
Sandylands Marksboy Of Langdale
Sandylands Marksman Of Langdale NAF
CH Sandylands Markwell Of Lockerbie
Aust CH Sandylands Master Mind
SH CH Sandylands Mercy
CH Sandylands Midnight Cowboy
CH Sandylands Midnight Maestro
GBSH CH Sandylands Midnight Magic
Sandylands Mischief
IR CH Sandylands Modern Millie
Sandylands Morning Pride
Sandylands Morning Star Of Teviotcastle
ENG AUST CH Sandylands My Lad
Sandylands My Lady Of Longley
CH Sandylands My Rain Beau
Sandylands My Rainbeau Gelb
GBCh Sandylands Newinn Colombus
Sh Ch Keysun Teko Of Blondella
CH Spenrock Heatheredge Mariner
OFA Hips: LR-5058(Normal)
Stanwood Barbarella
GBSHCH Stanwood Puckwudgie
Stanwood Rockefella
Stanwood Witch Queen
Strinesdale Jane
CH Strinesdale Old Spice
Tamstar Tranquil
Wendover Black Agatha
HALF Siblings out of Dam
Poolstead Pincushion
Llanrigg Poolstead Porter
Poolstead Painter
CCW Poolstead Pigtail



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