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Below is a list of the dogs that are full and half siblings to Mallard Brakes Absolution QAA. This may not be a complete list, because HUNTINGLABPEDIGREE database is based on the information users enter.
FULL Siblings of Mallard Brakes Absolution QAA
No full littermates in database  

HALF Siblings by sire
1997 NFC-AFC Lucyana's Fast Willie (2001 Hall of Fame)
A And T's Spade MH
OFA Hips: LR-119094G29F-PI (Good)
Allison's Te-Tex Fast Lucy JH
HR Ashes To Ashes Ducks To Ducks
HRCH Backwater Queen Of Marshes
OFA Hips: LR-119987E29F-NOPI (Excellent)
Ball Plays Twist Of Fate MH
Ballplay's Babe Ruth
Bauer Bodafista Piper
CFC Bayer's Abigail Quiver Creek
OFA Hips: LR-111376G33F-PI
OFA Elbow: LR-EL12178F33-PI
CNM: Clear
Bayer's Abigail Quiver Creek
Bayou Teche Angel **
OFA Hips: LR-130522G25F-PI (Good)
Branch Land Taz JH
Bruhin's Fast Time Abby MH
Buckshot's Tuff Enough Double Or Nothin'
Burns' Little Bit O' Willie MH
Captns Buddy By Annie Jemima
Cedar Redline Reggie
Cedar's Mcknight Susie Girl
Cedar's Topgun MH
Cedars Ebony Jenny
Cedars Full Bore Ace SH
Chandler's Powderkeg Meg
Chota's Midnight Molly
Coast And Cactus Princess Zena
Cross Creek's Tasmanian Devil
OFA Hips: LR-130051G26F (Good)
Cypress Creek Whistlin Dixie
Duxrus Skillet
OFA Hips: LR-149989G55F-PI - GOOD
Dynamite's Black Diamond
Fast Flyin Double Helix
OFA Hips: LR-138433G53M-PI (good)
Fast Willie's Little Firecracker
Fast Willie's Lulu
Fast Willie's Markin Fool MH
Fast Willie's Rosebud
Four Wheel Drive Cruiser
Fred's Fast Willie
Gator Sibley
Gunclub's Little Ann
Hawkeye's Lucyana Lilly
Hunters Marsh Dixie-May
Jess's Rippin Willie
Jubilashus Fast Woody QA2
OFA Hips: LR-107538G26M-T
FC Jump To Hyperspace Boomerang
OFA Hips: LR-75386G24F
La Carma-double Or Nothin'
OFA Hips: LR-123686G27F-PI
Lacey's Ace-double Or Nothin MH
Lake Park Josephine
GHRCH Lake's Fast Bamin Ebonstar MH
Lakewood's Lucyana SH
Lakewood's Lucyanna
Lauren's Minnie Pearl
Lucyana Gold Of Fischer Farm
Lucyana's King Fish QAA
OFA Hips: LR-60984E24M
Lucyana's Madam Lucy
Lucyana's Morning Missie
Lucyana's Piper's Cub Of Lck
HRCH Lucyana's Super Sonic Hunter
OFA Hips: LR-123524G41M-PI
Lucyana's Sweet Angelle
Lucyana's Too Hot Roxy JH
Ma's Mommy A Dancer Of Quiver Creek
Magnifique Mandy
Marbils Ups The Ante
Marks A Lot's Mystical Mia
Marks-a-lot Emmitt Texas Star JH
Marlowe's Honcho's Zip MH MNH
Merritt's Louanna
HRCH Middle Creek's Abracadabra MH
OFA Hips: LR-117239G25F-PI (Good)
Moody's Fast Willie Jet MH
OFA Hips: LR-115585E24F-PI
OFA Elbow: LR-EL30363F82-PI
CNM: (Clear)
Moonstone Round Tripp SH
OFA Hips: LR-104702G24M-T (Good)
Moonstones Little Girl Found MH
Oswego Rivers Southern Belle
OFA Hips: LR-122165E33F-PI (EXCELLENT)
EYE CERF/CAER: LR-33005 (Normal)
HRCH Pipers Fast Jessie SH
Powder Kegs Willieanna
OFA Hips: OFA31F
FC AFC Pozzy's Points To Profit
Quiver Creek Lenth's T
Quiver Creek River Bandit
Quiver Creek Steve's Drake
Reeves' Bonnie
Remington Diablo Wingmaster Ii
Rheagan's Teddi Bear
OFA Hips: LR-95421E24F-T
Riverwalk's Double Magnolia
Rogue River Dallas
Ryan's Home Run Alley
HR Shane's Fast Mink SH
Shawnee Run's Tucker Huk Fin
Summer Duck's Fast and Lucy
Summer Duck's Hunker Down
T-C's Itty-Bitty Bird Shot
The Arkansas Belle
Three Oaks Ms Prim And Proper MH
Tongue River Inky
Too Hot For Ron To Handle MH
Topgrill's Delta Force MH
Tp's Lucyana's Wl Willow
Tuff Enough Double Or Nothin'
HRCH Tuttle's Rip Roaring Jake MH
OFA Hips: LR-76382G39M (GOOD)
Wahoo Double Or Nothin
HR Warhawks Rippin' Blue Blaze
OFA Hips: LR-65920E25F(Excellent)
EYE CERF/CAER: LR-27280/2000--82
Willie's Sky-Hi Apollo
Willie's Star Princess Di
Willie's Super Beau
No Half siblings in database out of Dam

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