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Hunting lab pedigree
Search/Add Dog(full or part Registered Name - WITHOUT Titles) Breed: Labrador Ret.


Below is a list of the dogs that are offspring of '84 NAFC FC AFC Trumarc's Zip Code . This may not be a complete list, because HUNTINGLABPEDIGREE database is based on the information users enter.

Offspring out of '84 NAFC FC AFC TRUMARC'S ZIP CODE :

Total number of Titled dogs: 77
DAM: ALL MY SPARE CHANGE DAM: All Star's Maggie DAM: Beaver Oaks Sumac-Niki DAM: Beaver Oaks Supersonic Nova DAM: Blackfoot Tiz Too DAM: Blacklands Hot Thundersteam DAM: FC Bo's Vinwood Ruby DAM: Buck Wheats Twin Falls Cindy DAM: Caernacs Spiffy Misty DAM: Camay Morning *** DAM: Candlewood's Delta Dash DAM: 3xNFC- FC-AFC Candlewood's Tanks A Lot (1997 Retriever Hall Of Fame) DAM: Candlewoods Mercy Sakes DAM: Candlewoods Tiz Too DAM: AFC Castlebay's Cagar Of Caernac DAM: CASTLEBAY'S LONGSHOT BONNIE DAM: CHENA RIVER KATE DAM: Coco's Ginger Of Woodwind DAM: Cocoa's Ginger Of Woodwind DAM: AFC CFC CAFC Coldshores Bonita Chica DAM: Coldshores Icebreakin'liner DAM: Darose's Just Ducky Doly DAM: CFC-CAFC Del'S-Hi-Ginny DAM: DIXIE'S CHEROKEE ROSE DAM: Doc's Country Classic DAM: Effi *** DAM: FC AFC Farmers Black Babe DAM: Happy Lab Chili Powder DAM: HIGHLINER'S ASTRO TURF MH DAM: FC AFC CFC Hillock's Spice DAM: Hunter Marsh Orion's Sky Hi DAM: HUNTERS MARSH MICHIGAN BELLE DAM: Hunters Marsh Sagebrush-Sal DAM: FC AFC Itchin' Gretchin DAM: Joe Reb's Chica Negra DAM: Kirby's Beggar Bush Peg DAM: Labwood's Incredible Gretel DAM: Lake Shadys Tara DAM: Lawhorn's Kettle River Kate DAM: LI'L BIT TO WIN *** DAM: CFC Lomac's Cold Water Morning DAM: Mad River Jack To The Max DAM: Mad River's Jacked To The Max DAM: FC Mad River's Mrs Wiggins DAM: Maera's Dixie Moxie DAM: Midnight Lady Jayce DAM: Midnight River Rose DAM: FC Misty's Pic Annie MH DAM: Morning Teal's Mistress DAM: FC-AFC Ms Mischief's Magic Marker DAM: AFC Pecos River Gypsy DAM: FC AFC Pioneer Beaute's Advantage DAM: POWDER'S SHOTGUN ANNIE DAM: Redfern's Fiery Flicker DAM: FC AFC River Oaks Twiggy Tou DAM: Sandy Bottom's Blue Monday DAM: FC AFC SAS DAM: Shady Stream's Black Satin DAM: Snake's Gator Point Kelly DAM: Southland Virginia Creeper DAM: SSK-S Shadow Of Lucky-Trieven DAM: Storm'n Mormon DAM: FC AFC Sunday Hawkeye DAM: Sundee's Hurricane Katie DAM: CFC Sundee's Spring Fever DAM: Terry's Fortune Cookie DAM: Thunderkapp's-Bebe-Dotter DAM: FC AFC Topbrass Mindy DAM: Trieven High Tide DAM: GMHR Trieven Thunder Annie DAM: Van Lee's Pepsi Please DAM: Wa-Luke Muffin DAM: GMHR Want To *** DAM: NAFC FC CFC CAFC Westwind Jemina Super Cake (1993 Hall of Fame) DAM: Westwind Super Jungle Bunny DAM: Westwind's Abby DAM: Westwinds Lady Dee

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