Genetic Pedigree of HRCH Crown Of Aces In Costa’s Shadow MH QAA NDL

Below is the 5 Generation Pedigree With Genetic results.

Please Note: only information that has been entered into the Hunting Lab database is shown.  Some results may not be entered therefore they will not be shown below.


GRHRCH Costa's Signature Blend MH30 ( BLK )
Hips: LR-224631E27M-VPI
Elbows: LR-EL76124M27-VPI
Eyes: LR-EYE8581/15M-NOPI
HRCH Ace's Costa Del Mar MH ( CHOC )
Eyes: (Clear)
CNM: (Clear)
EIC: (Clear)
Ace Man Riddle ( BLK )
CNM: (Clear)
EIC: (Clear)
Smokey Joe Of Shady Grove ( BLK )
Mallard Minded Moose Wood ( BLK )
Miss Hanna ( UNKN )
Midnight Of Woodberry ( BLK )
King Hammer ( YLW )
Mandrine Kalie ( UNKN )
  Sir Charles's Ginger ( YLW )
Ramblin' Whiskey River ( YLW )
Jam's Theodosius MH ( BLK )
Hips: LR-34944G26F
Eyes: LR-8261
Timber Rock's Megan ( CHOC )
Hips: LR-2348364G-VPI
Elbows: LR-123E-VPi
Hall's Top Gunner ( UNKN )
Timber Rock's Carlotta ( UNKN )
 HRCH Campbells Southern Belle ( BLK )
Hips: LR-188119G33F-NOPI (Good)
Elbows: LR-PA404/33F/P-NOPI
CNM: Clear
EIC: Clear
 SRSC 2005 Shadow's Sunday Sam MH QAA ( BLK )
Hips: LR-124084G37M-PI
CNM: Clear PIV
FC AFC Hawkeye's Candlewood Shadow ( BLK )
Hips: LR-75929G56M (Good)
CNM: Clear (by parentage)
FC-AFC Webshire's Honest Abe (2003 Hall of Fame) ( BLK )
Hips: LR-39863G24M (Good)
Elbows: LR-EL3337M84 (Normal)
Eyes: LR-10216 (Normal)
1990 1991 & 1993 NFC- FC-AFC Candlewood's Tanks A Lot (1997 Retriever Hall Of Fame) ( BLK )
Hips: LR-33631G27F (Good)
Marc'd Deck ( BLK )
FC AFC Trumarcs Candlewood Lota Zip ( BLK )
Hips: LR-44449G24M
FC AFC Carolina's Full Force Gale ( BLK )
Hips: LR-52025G55F (GOOD)
Roxie's Isabelle ( BLK )
Hips: LR-56743G-VPI
Elbows: LR-787E-VPI
Howard's Timber ( BLK )
Hips: LR-6343744E-VPI
Jets Naughty Star MH ( BLK )
Hips: LR-65369E25M (excellent)
Eyes: LR-10826
Schaefers Daisy ( YLW )
Hips: LR-5535443G-VPI
Midnight Madness ( BLK )
Hips: LR-27436F34F
Taw Caws Cody ( BLK )
Santee's Cocoa ( CHOC )


Dark Chocolate Gots Lots Of Love SH ( CHOC )
Hips: LR-219447E38F-VPI (EXCELLENT)
Elbows: LR-EL71815F38-VPI (NORMAL)
Eyes: AC#131809
CNAFC CFC FC AFC Aces High III (1998 Hall of Fame) ( BLK )
Hips: LR-26588G24M (Good)
Eyes: LR-2917 (Normal)
FC AFC Snake Eyes-Double or Nothin' (1995 Hall of Fame) ( BLK )
Hips: LR-6692 (GOOD)
1981 NAFC FC AFC Dude's Double or Nothin' (1992 Hall of Fame) ( BLK )
1971, 1973 NAFC FC Dee's Dandy Dude (1992 Retriever Hall of Fame) ( BLK )
Lucky Sootana ( BLK )
FC Super Joy of Spring Oaks ( BLK )
Hips: LR-3942
Spring Farms Lucky QAA ( BLK )
Hips: LR-259
Miss Zulu of Upland Farm ( BLK )
Hips: LR-1822
FC-AFC Westwind Super Bunny Babe ( BLK )
Hips: LR-19729(Good)
Eyes: LR-3686/1992--106
1982 NFC- FC-AFC Westwind Supernova Chief ( BLK )
Hips: LR-9091-T-NORMAL
Super Powder QAA (1995 Hall Of Fame) ( BLK )
Black Bunny of Lakewood ( BLK )
Hips: LR-1996
Westwinds Super Boots ( BLK )
Hips: LR-14477 (NORMAL)
1976 NFC AFC San Joaquin Honcho (2000 Hall Of Fame) ( BLK )
Hips: LR-8594 (Normal)
FC AFC Sandhill's Happy Hooker ( BLK )
Hips: LR-4756 (NORMAL)
HRCH Mad River's Supernova MH ** ( BLK )
Hips: LR-174532G24F-VPI (Good)
Elbows: LR-EL39088F24-VPI (Normal)
Eyes: LR-53194 (Normal)
2005 NFC AFC Clubmead's Road Warrior (2014 Hall Of Fame) ( BLK )
Hips: LR-138029G24M-VPI (Good)
Eyes: LR-43982N (Normal)
CNM: Clear(per White List)
2006 NAFC FC AFC Carbon Copy of Horn Creek (2008 Hall of Fame) ( BLK )
Hips: LR-102290G27M-T (Good)
Eyes: LR-28069 (Normal)
FC AFC Dare to Dream ( BLK )
Hips: LR-55003E31M (EXCELLENT)
Eyes: LR-22943/1999--95
AFC Sparkle Plenty of Horn Creek ( BLK )
Hips: LR-47033G26F (Good)
CFC CAFC Chena River Turbo Tina ( BLK )
Hips: LR-83658G24F-T
Eyes: LR-20725
2xNAFC 2xCNAFC FC CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac ( BLK )
Hips: LR-46627G24M (Good)
Eyes: LR-6972/2001--126
FC AFC CFC CAFC Chena River Tug ( BLK )
Hips: LR-64307E32F (Excellent)
FC Mad River's Maggie Mcbunn ( BLK )
Hips: LR-137952G25F (Good)
Elbows: LR-EL21036F25 (Normal)
FC AFC FTCH AFTCH Tiger Mcbunn ( BLK )
Hips: LR-110631G37M (Good)
Eyes: LR-18909 (Normal)
CNM: (Clear)
EIC: LR-EIC814/144M-VPI (Normal)
2xNAFC 2xCNAFC FC CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac ( BLK )
Hips: LR-46627G24M (Good)
Eyes: LR-6972/2001--126
'98 NAFC FC Hattie McBunn (2001 Hall of Fame) ( BLK )
Hips: LR-47193E28F (EXCELLENT)
Eyes: LR-8941
Ms Mischief Tanks Harly Alot ( BLK )
Hips: LR-80426E32F
Eyes: LR-14798
FC-AFC Webshire's Honest Abe (2003 Hall of Fame) ( BLK )
Hips: LR-39863G24M (Good)
Elbows: LR-EL3337M84 (Normal)
Eyes: LR-10216 (Normal)
FC AFC CFC Candlewood's MS MB Kate ( BLK )
Hips: LR-45730G27F (GOOD)