Genetic Pedigree of Play It Again, Sam MH / Genetic Pedigree of Play It Again, Sam MH

Clubmead's Pitch Black *** ( BLK )

Hips: LR-132776G24M-PI
Eyes: LR-34302
2006 NAFC FC AFC Carbon Copy of Horn Creek (2008 Hall of Fame) ( BLK ) (B-NHC)
Hips: LR-102290G27M-T (Good)
Eyes: LR-28069 (Normal)
FC AFC Dare to Dream ( BLK ) (B-Y)
Hips: LR-55003E31M (EXCELLENT)
Eyes: LR-22943/1999--95
FC-AFC Wilderness Harley To Go (2003 Hall of Fame) ( BLK ) (B-Y)
Hips: LR-19528 (GOOD)
Eyes: LR-1930/1995--145 (NORMAL)
FC-AFC Fishtrap Aggie ( BLK ) (B-NHC)
Hips: LR-26064E24F(Excellent)
 AFC Sparkle Plenty of Horn Creek ( BLK )
Hips: LR-47033G26F (Good)
Code Red QAA ( BLK )
Hips: LR-31572G89M (GOOD)
Jessi's Pursuit of Autumn Wind ( BLK ) (B-Y)
Hips: LR-35038G24F (GOOD)
 CFC CAFC Chena River Turbo Tina ( BLK )
Hips: LR-83658G24F-T
Eyes: LR-20725
 2xNAFC 2xCNAFC FC CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac ( BLK ) (B-Y)
Hips: LR-46627G24M (Good)
Eyes: LR-6972/2001--126
1987 CNFC 1992 CNAFC Waldorf's High Tech ( YLW )
Hips: LR-22799-T (Good)
Ebonaceae Princess WCX QAA ( BLK )
Hips: LR-21503-T (EXCELLENT)
FC AFC CFC CAFC Chena River Tug NDC ( BLK )
Hips: LR-64307E32F (Excellent)
92NFC- 90NAFC Candlewood's Super Tanker ( BLK )
Hips: LR-22669 (GOOD)
FC AFC CNFC CAFC Chena River No Surprise (2004 Hall of Fame) ( BLK )
Hips: LR-29783G24F (GOOD)
Eyes: LR-6654 (NORMAL)

Sweet Georgia Magnolia II ( YLW )

Moccasin Creeks Little Roost ( YLW )
HRCH The Bazooka Kid ( YLW )
Hips: LR-113183E27M-PI- Excellent
Eyes: LR-28988/01-27
'93 NAFC FC M D's Cotton Pick'n Cropper (2016 Hall Of Fame) ( YLW )
Hips: LR-48990G24M (Good)
Eyes: LR-8728/93,99 (Normal)
Rough Riders Memphis Belle ( YLW )
Hips: LR-90990G26F (Good)
Eyes: LR-39515 (E1-Lens)
Mocasin Creek Ms. Sabortooth ( YLW )
HRCH Coleman's Jumpin Ted MH ( YLW )
Hips: OFA27E
HRCH Ebonstar Southern Belle MH ( YLW )
Hips: LR-95178E32F (Excellent)
Eyes: LR-28524 (Clear)
Tesse Of White Columns ( BLK )
Raft Swamps Cutter ( BLK )
Hunting Hershey Moore ( CHOC )

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