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Hunting lab pedigree
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  Below is a list of the dogs that are full and half siblings to 4XGMPR HRCH Blackjack's Phog Allen MH. This may not be a complete list, because HUNTINGLABPEDIGREE database is based on the information users enter.
FULL Siblings of 4XGMPR HRCH Blackjack's Phog Allen MH
1.5X GMPR Black Ice Envy
OFA Hips: LR-199206E28F-NOPI
CPR Dovie Annes Katy Bar The Door MH
Duckflat Trooper JH
OFA Hips: LR-197194E24M-VPI excellent

HALF Siblings by sire
1.5 GMPR Calumet's Wild Card MH, QAA
3 Ring Red Ruby In Scorpius
OFA Hips: LR-226470G33F-PI
OFA Elbow: LR-EL77747F33-PI
HRCH CH Bally's What Happens In Vegas WC MH QAA
OFA Hips: LR-197347G25M-PI
OFA Elbow: LR-EL54286M25-PI
CNM: Clear via Alfort
EIC: Clear via U of M
Black Ice Super Sonic Scooter
GMPR HRCH Black Ice's Super Sonic Scooter MH QAA, QA2 -------- THIS DOG IS AVAILABLE FOR STUD --------
OFA Hips: LR191692E27M-VPI
OFA Elbow: LR-EL50204M27
CNM: LR-CNM249/28-VPI(clear)
EIC: DII-008297
Black Ice's Super Sonic Skooter--duplicate
OFA Hips: LR191692E27M-VPI
OFA Elbow: LR-EL50204M27
CNM: LR-CNM249/28M-VPI Clear
EIC: D11-008297-Clear
Black Ice's Super Sonic--duplicate
HRCH Black Ices They Call Me Trigger Times Mr. Neko MH
OFA Hips: LR-196830G24M-VPI
OFA Elbow: LR-EL53908M24-VPI
Blackjack Joria Maxx Of Red Cedar
Blackjack Jorja Maxx Of Red Cedar
OFA Hips: LR-181394E24F-VPI
CNM: LR-CNM07-440-F-PI
Circle C's Miss Annie Of South Bend
Deuce's Midnight Molly
Great Plains Armed And Dangerous
Kc Pepper Granier
Larson's Tnt Nitro Express
Lasater's Maggie Mae Dueces Shadow SH
OFA Hips: LR-194835G25F-VPI
OFA Elbow: LR-EL52435F25-VPI
4XGMPR, HRCH Mcnally's Right Stuff Ridley MH
OFA Hips: LR-178551G31M-NOPI (Good)
EYE CERF/CAER: LR-53155N (Clear)
OFA Elbow: LR-EL41504M31-NOPI (Normal)
4X GMPR Tatanka Bluffs Black Ice's Sandstorm SH
OFA Hips: LR-191851G26F
OFA Elbow: LR-EL50319F26
HR Zenda's Wild Card Miley Raye SH QAA
HALF Siblings out of Dam
2.5x GMPR Tioga Point Chardonnay JH
CPR Blackjack's Mighty Tessa
Blackjack’s Sir Mighty Winston
GRHRCH Tioga Point's Mighty Awesome Zoe MH***

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