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Dogs in the database that have a NFC (National Field Champion Title)

Total number of Titled dogs: 70
2xNFC(66, 69) Whygin Cork's Coot Edith P Muruane
(98)NFC-FC-AFC Abe's Ebony and Ivory GARY & SHARON HANVEY
NFC FC AFC Baird's Centerville Sam MR AND MRS M B WALLACE
NFC Banchory Night Light of Wingan JAY F. CARLISLE
NFC AFC Bigstone Hope
NFC Blind Of Arden William Averill Harriman, United States Ambassador to the U.K.
NFC DUAL CH CFC Bracken Sweep
NFC AFC Butte Blue Moon (1994 Hall of Fame) ?Bing? and ?Brownie? Grunwald, Omaha, NE
'07NFC-AFC (2014 Hall of Fame) Candlewood's Something Royal KEN NEIL & BRENDA LITTLE
92NFC- 90NAFC Candlewood's Super Tanker Joyce Williams
3xNFC- FC-AFC Candlewood's Tanks A Lot (1997 Hall of Fame) Mary Howley & Randy Kuehl
NFC FC 1994 NAFC Candlewoods Raisa Ruckus
'02 NFC FC AFC Cashman's Fat Lady Zingin (2013 Hall of Fame) Mac & Lynn Dubose
NFC FC AFC (2014 HOF) Clubmead's Road Warrior Frank & Christine Kashevarof
NFC-AFC-CFC Cork of Oakwood Lane Dr. A Harold Mork
NFC AFC Creole Sister (1993 Hall of Fame) Don Weiss
NFC FC AFC Croppersriverwaterblackteal
04 NFC FC AFC HR Dewey's Drake of Moon Rivers
NFC AFC Dolobran's Smoke Tail (1994 Hall of Fame) Richard Hecker
NFC FC AFC Dynamite Duke IV
NFC AFC Eagle Ridge Rocket Sam
NFC FC AFC Euroclydon (1993 Hall Of Fame) C. Donald Strait
'03 NFC AFC FC Five Star General Patton Debra Bredeson and Ellie Muth
ENG NFC FTCH Glenhead Zuider
NFC AFC Happy Playboy's Pearl
NFC-FC-AFC Hunter Runs Booboo Kit Johnston
NFC FC AFC Jubilashus Malarky
NFC FC AFC Jubilashus T C Malarky
NFC FC AFC Jubiliashus T. C. Malarky
2xNFC AFC KING BUCK (1992 Hall of Fame) John Olin-Nilo Farms
NFC-AFC Lucyana's Fast Willie (2001 Hall of Fame) Laura & John Parrot
NFC NAFC CFC Major VI (1993 Hall of Fame) Mr. and Mrs. Fraser M. Horn
NFC FC Marten's Little Smoky John Olin-Winchester Firearms
NFC AFC Marvadel Black Gum 1995 Hall of Fame Paul Bakewell III
NFC AFC Massie's Sassy Boots (1994 Hall of Fame) Wm. T. Cline
NFC FC AFC Maxx Surprise Sherwin Scott
NFC CFC Mi-Chris Sailor Lloyd Jarvis thru Q, G Murnane later
71' NFC FC CFC Mi-Cris Sailor (1993 Hall of Fame) LLOYD JARVIS
NFC Mioak's Fabulous Flipper Rick Wilke & Joanne Alfter
NFC AFC DUAL CH Nilo Possibility (1995 Hall of Fame)
NFC AFC Nilo Possibilty K.K. Williams
NFC FC AFC Orion's Sky (1994 Hall Of Fame) John Martin
NFC AFC Otus Of Redfern (2001 Hall of Fame) Aurelia Rice
88' NFC AFC CFC PP's Lucky Super Toby
NFC AFC PP's Lucky's Super Toby (1994 Hall of Fame) Fred Kampo & Charles Hays
NFC AFC Ripco's V. C. Morgan
NFC(`80) AFC CFC Risky Business Ruby (1993 Hall of Fame) Gary Thompson
NFC-AFC Robber's Stray Bullet Kippy Swingle
NFC AFC ROYAL'S MOOSE'S MOE (1994 Hall of Fame) William D. Connor
NFC FC AFC San Joaquin Honcho Judy Weikel Aycock
NFC AFC Seaside's Pelican Pete Robert Zylla
NFC AFC SHADOW OF OTTER CREEK (1994 Hall of Fame) Bob and Suzanne Kennon
3x NFC-CFC-DUAL CH Shed of Arden Paul Bakewell III
2xNFC SPIRIT LAKE DUKE (1992 Hall of Fame)
(96) NFC FC AFC Storm's Riptide Star Marilyn Fender
NFC-2x NAFC Super Chief August & Louise Belmont
NFC Tar of Arden (1997 Hall of Fame) Paul Bakewell III
NFC FC AFC Trieven Butch Of Big Jake
'13 NFC FC Trumarc's Dot Come Keith Thompson
'08 NFC FC Two Rivers Lucky Willie Brady Oman
'95 NFC AFC Vinwood's Takes A Lick'N
NFC AFC Wanapum's Lucyana Girl
NFC FC Watermark's Running Back Cynthia Tallman
NFC- FC-AFC Westwind Supernova Chief DJ & Nancy Esposito
NFC-AFC-CFC-CAFC Yankee Independence Gunther Rahnefeld

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